hologram textile
It consists of a flag in white polyester to sew inside garments, in order to enhance the authenticity of the Made in Italy.

The GENUINE hologram is performed in high-resolution dot-matrix, this allows a remarkable property of decomposition of light in a certain attraction for the eye, giving value and prestige, it  is synonymous of quality, control and production accuracy.On the hologram, a unique sequential numbering (like notes) has been laser engraved, therefore it lends  to the production batches monitoring, the geographical shift of the goods and the activities of the Licensee.

The hologram is able to resist on polyester flags for three delicate washes.
It is a very high quality product that besides the utility described above, gives shine, professionalism and value to the products it accompanies.
Label Size: 30x55
Hologram Size: 20x20mm

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It is a DOT MATRIX high definition hologram, containing micro-text. It is not visible to the naked eye and hologram stickerto other anti-counterfeiting security measures. It has been designed for public administrations, local police forces that need to certify documents, disabled passes, traffic permits in restricted and limited traffic zones.

It also meets the needs of all professionals who need to authenticate documents, warranties, contracts, invoices, reports and surveys.

It can adhere to any non-textile surface, it has unique progressive number (like notes) therefore it lends monitoring and controlling, univocal assignment per name, area or type of document.

It is a very high quality product, that besides the utility described above, gives shine, professionalism and value to the accompanying documentation.
Label Size: 17.2 x33mm

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