ccHolography was discovered in 1948 by the physicist Dennis Gabor (Hungary), for that merit, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1971. Denysiuk (USSR) was the first to make holograms in white light.

Holography, even today, allows the most accurate description possible of a three-dimensional object.

The first real concept of  business holography was born from the need to create an identification mark so easy to recognize even by non-experts, however difficult and sophisticated as to make it virtually impossible to duplicate with ordinary media (eg. photocopying, scanning, printing and the like).

Today, the variety of holograms and holographic products economically competitive, combined with current high production capacity (improvements in optical performance of the materials and the rapid rise of the activities of packaging, labeling, and anti-promotion) have led to a booming market Holography - 5 times compared to the early 90's.


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