Holographic labels and Anti-counterfeiting

hologram inspectionNowadays, many fake products flow into the market and each year the official producers lose millions of euros in sales proceedes.

Consumers are beginning to see that the products purchased are original and genuine, choosing products with anti-treatments (holograms).

Many anti-counterfeiting techniques have been used, but since they used a laser, the hologram is the best method existing anti-counterfeiting.

Famous companies such as Sony, Canon, Microsoft, Motorola, Adidas, Dolce & Gabbana, and many others use their arms against counterfeiting holographic.

Our primary HOLOGRAMS made ​​with modern laser technologies constitute a security tool as well as the commercial image.

This efficient technology allows us to offer our customers very competitive cost to make the product accessible also to secondary companies to those mentioned above.


hologram certifix hologram licensing hologram ready to sale