Licensinghologram licensing

The term Licensing refers to the market activity, through which who holds the brand's right passes it to another person upon payment of a fee (Royalties) in respect of certain rules defined in the contract.
In this way, the licensee
has the right to use and commercially exploit the brand or logo, that the subject licensor makes available under this contract.

Our company offers the project of "FULL MANAGEMENT" which consists of

  • managing the store and the logistics of holograms, ensuring a ready supply in the     warehouse;
  • organizing expeditions around the world to each licensee;
  • providing for immediate delivery by international express courier;
  • providing the licensor with monthly reports specifying the quantity of holograms and the detail of the serial number delivered .

Licensor, who decided to use the custom-numbered hologram on each product on the market, found the natural increase in revenue from royalties up to 23% by avoiding the costs and the audit bothers.

Finally, the use custom numbered-hologram allows to track the geographical movements of products.

From the Privat Area of this site, the Licensor may have direct access to the database (updated in real time) of holograms distribution to licensees for each serial number (laser engraved on the hologram). It's possible to order or extract data easly h24.

The company currently offers the project of "FULL MANAGEMENT" to European, American and Asian companies, who hold the most famous commercial brands.


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