We supply adhesive holograms in sheets and reels. Die-cut in any shape, cut into single pieces, printed on front and back, in resin bubble (epoxy) or on polyester flag, ideal for the textile sector.

In this regard, thanks to a special glue we are able to guarantee three washing processes at 30 ° with delicate detergent. Note the photo of the washing test performed with two other competing products:


‍    The label on the left has lost the hologram.

‍    The central label has been damaged.

‍    Our right label remained intact.

It is possible to print hot holograms directly on paper and cardboard supports as guarantee certificates, and tickets of various kinds. It is also possible to affix a laser-punched numbering.

The production of a customized hologram involves the cost of a printing “Master” and a minimum run which for an 18x18mm hologram is around 800 sheets of 49 labels for a total of 39,200 labels.

To reduce costs and quantities, it is possible to opt for a label printed in one color (logo, text and numbering) on one of the three standard holographic supports (CD effect, dot dot effect, star effect). Doing so would completely reduce the cost of the "Master".

Alternatively, we can supply holographic labels ready in stock. Labels with “GENUINE” (authentic) graphics with dimensions of 18x18mm or circular with a diameter of 10mm are available.

For municipal administrations, technical offices, professionals and all companies that need to certify documents, the numbered CERTIFIX DOCUMENT or CERTIFIX LEX for the legal world is available.

For all companies in the textile sector, the numbered CERTIFIX TESSILE hologram affixed to a polyester flag is available, ideal for sewing inside the garments.

For these, other formats and other solutions of small customized runs ready for delivery,

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it consists of a white polyester flag to be sewn inside the garments to enhance the authenticity of Made in Italy.

The GENUINE hologram is performed in high resolution DOT-MATRIX, this allows a remarkable decomposition property of the light in favor of a sure attraction of the eye, gives value and prestige, is synonymous with quality, control and production accuracy. An unrepeatable progressive numbering (like banknotes) is laser engraved on the hologram, therefore it is suitable for monitoring production batches, the geographical movement of goods and the activity of the Licensee.

The hologram is able to resist on the polyester flag for three delicate washes.

It is a very high quality product that, in addition to the usefulness already described, gives luster, professionalism and value to the products it accompanies.

Dim. Label: 30x55

Dim. Hologram: 20x20mm

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Authentic document hologram

is a very high definition DOT-MATRIX hologram containing micro text not visible to the naked eye and other secret anti-counterfeiting security measures. Designed for public administrations, local police forces that need to certify documents, invalid passes, circulation permits in restricted and limited traffic areas.

It also satisfies the demands of all professionals who need to authenticate documents, guarantees, contracts, invoices, reports and appraisals.

It can adhere to any non-textile surface and is equipped with unrepeatable progressive numbering (like banknotes) therefore it lends itself to monitoring, control, univocal assignment by name, zone or type of document.

It is a very high quality product that in addition to the usefulness already described, gives luster, professionalism and value to the accompanying documentation. Also available with twin numbering.

Erichetta size: 17,2x33mm

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