We supply hologram sticker in foil and roll. In any shape, cut into individual pieces, printed on front and back, on the bubble of resin (epoxy) or polyester flag, ideal for the textile sector.

In this regard, thanks to a special glue, we can guarantee three processes of washing at 30 degrees with mild detergent.

Note the photo of the washing tests performed with two other competing products:

hologram on fabric

  • The left label has lost the hologram.
  • The central label is ruined
  • Our label on the right remained intact.

It's possible to hot print the holograms directly onto paper and cardboard as guarantee certificates, and other kind of tickets.

It is also possible to put a number stamped on lasers.

The production of a customized hologram involves the cost of a print "Master" and a minimum print run, for a 18x18mm hologram it is around 800 sheets of 49 labels: 39,200 labels in total.

To reduce costs and quantities, you can opt for a printed label in one color (logos, text and numbers) to one of the three standard holographic support (CD effect, dot doteffect, stars effect). In this way, we will cut down the entire cost of the "Master".

Alternatively, we can provide holographic labels ready in the warehouse. There are labels with "GENUINE" (authentic) graphics. The size is 18x18mm or circular with 10mm diameter.

For municipalities, technical studies, all professionals and companies who need to certify documents, the numbered CERTIFIX DOCUMENT is available.

For all companies in the textile sector the numbered CERTIFIX TESSILE hologram is available. It is affixed onto the polyester flag and itr is ideal to be sewn into the garments.

For other formats, customized small quantity and other solutions ready in stock, please visit the online shop.

Chip shoplifting

Remaining in the security field, the company has included in its range of products 40x40mm anti-theft micro-chip.

chip anticounterfining

Professional Card

Professional multi-purpose card with magnetic stripe or microchip. Customized Graphics containing the hologram.

card with magnetic band




hologram certifix hologram licensing hologram ready to sale