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Since 1992, the Company offers a complete range of holographic processors.

The laboratories are equipped with two sets of printing in dot-matrix and 3 sets for 2D/3D printing. In association with years of experience, it translates into high quality products and efficient service to customers.
We also have nunmerical impressor lasers, which are very useful if you want alpha-numeric labels consecutively numbered.

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The DOT MATRIX system consists of an Opto Electronics equipment (employing a laser Helio-Cadmium), connected to a Pc that lets you "draw" point by point, an image of Computer Grafics, directly on the plate of photoresist, and once it is delevoped and increased electrically (with nickel), will be used to create the embossing (hot embossing) of holograms.

The dot-matrix technique is to create an array of diffraction gratings, with the size of the order of tens of microns, recorded in sequence with focused laser beams. The automated control of the orientations of the lattices can achieve a variety of kinetic effects as expansions and contractions, rotations, gradients.
The definition can be up to 2400dpi.

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2D and 3d

2D- 3D holograms have the characteristic of the three-dimensional effect, which is not an optical illusion, but the depth of information storage. In this type of hologram, this effect is obtained with the spatial separation of two-dimensional objects, reproduced at different depths.

The 2D - 3D technology also offers the ability to originate multi-effects channels and kinematics, and to record a sequence of images, which is played by rotating the hologram along the vertical axis.

The difficulty of playing this type of hologram is not only in generating a design identical to the original, but also in playing the same combination of color, depth and kinetic effects.

In 3D hologram type, the three-dimensionality is given by the insertion of a physical model in three dimensions, leaving the holographic plate.

The holographic image is a complete information of the wavefront emitted from an illuminated object.

The visual perception of an object taken in the hologram is therefore the same as observed in reality, with the possibility to turn it in order to change the projection of shadows or perspective view.

Playing a 3D hologram involves completing a model identical to the original, the same geometry of illumination and the same combination of chrome.


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