Each hologram label is a security feature itself. Without the original matrix holographic printer (master) infact, it is impossible to reproduce an identical copy of an original hologram, except with very high costs that make the counterfeiting inconvenient.

However, for the most sophisticated security needs, we provide labels in a special holographic material. HIGH SECURITY Holograms (Holograms and cryptograms with secret code) that contain hidden information invisible to the naked eye but detectable by special instruments.

hologram wipe outThe holographic labels can also be implemented with new materials and the "WIPE OUT" tecnique, once applied to the product, they self-destroy in the event of attempted removal! The graphics can be developed in 2D, 3D and 2D-DOT-MATRIX.
It is possible to insert a double image (visible by turning different sides of the label) or a "fingerprint" fund  (rotary device which produces a clear principles such as fingerprints themselves).

The Micro text (detail not visible to the naked eye), and the Secret Code (detail visible only with special equipment) are among the most appreciated safety features.hologram infra red
The use of special fluoride is innovative, it is invisible to the naked eye but highly visible under UV light projection both portable and bench (as for the detection of banknotes).



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