hologram 3DThe hologram - or more generally DOVID - is a real optical device capable of varying the image by varying the lighting, it is not playable with a color copier nor with a high-definition scanner. With appropriate lighting, it generates three-dimensional images according to how you look at it. You can also increase the complexity of an hologram by inserting additional images. The inclusion of a DOVID (hologram) on values of cards can be designed either as transparent or metal hot-rolled laminate.
In particular, transparent holographic film is scheduled for the protection of personal data in the production of identity documents, passports and identity cards.

Holography is the process that allows you to record, store and display three -dimensional images. These images are called holograms. The three-dimensional representation of an object containing information about the shape, size, brightness and contrast.ologramma 3d

During the registration, the three-dimensional data of the wavefront from the object is encoded in the holographic recording, then, once the hologram is properly illuminated, the information is decoded and our eyes may enjoy the show. Unlike other types of 3D image, the hologram has "parallax", a property that allows the eye of the viewer to observe the subject from different points of view, discovering even details depending on the observation point.

We use holographic technology, even in the military and civil aircraft: through them we give critical information to pilots without diverting their gaze from the windows drive. This system is called "heads-up display" and it is also available in the prototypes of the most sophisticated cars. Non-destructive material for scientific purposes.

ologramma hologramArtistic expression: a real three-dimensional and pure light allow to create images never created before ... Data recording support to high density: one day, when the photons will run on your computer, such as electrons do today, the holograms will be used to save your data in your PC.


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